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Sahitya Bhawan Indian Government and politics eBook by BL Fadia in english medium for IAS


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For UPSC Civil Services Pre & Mains, MA Political Science, Public Ad

  • The revised and updated 17th enlarged 2022 edition of the book ‘Indian Government and Politics’ is released with great pleasure.
  • The highlights of the book include the key elements that influence the working of Indian Government with its Constitutional provisions and practical aspects. These include Constitution, working of the Central and State Governments, major Constitutional Institutions, contemporary issues, practice of our federalism and thorough political process.
  • The book critically examines the dynamics of federalism and Centre-State relations with special reference to the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission and M. M. Punchi Commission Report.
  •  The book gives due emphasis to the Philosophy of the Constitution and includes topics like Doctrine of basic structure; Secularism; Directive Principles of State Policy, Right to Property – from fundamental to legal right.
  • The book incorporates all the amendments upto and including the Constitution (105th Amendment) Act, 2022.
  •  The topics on the President; Prime Minister; Governor; Judicial Review; Judicial Activism in India and the Chief Minister are discussed with special reference to the relevant and recent cases.
  • Some of the core chapters of the book are – Minority Politics in India; Electoral Reforms in India; Crime and Politics: The Nexus, Defection Politics in India; Coalition Politics in India; Abrogation of Article 370; Seventeenth Lok Sabha Elections (2019); Strength wise Party Position in the Rajya Sabha as per election held on June 10th, 2022 and Emerging Political Trends and the Case for Presidential System.
  • The book has been written in a simple and lucid style. The facts have been carefully collected and analysed so as to serve the needs of the University students and also students appearing for Civil Services Examinations.
  •  Factual, objective and analytical, the book is highly readable. At once comprehensive and concise, it fulfils a long felt need for a handy but authoritative study of India’s governmental and political institutions.
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