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CBSE Question Bank class 10 Social Science


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Sahitya Bhawan Cbse chapter wise topic wise solved paper class 10 Social Science Book (question bank of last 10 years solved examination papers)

  • Sahitya Bhawan presents CBSE chapter wise topic wise Last 10 years Solved Question Papers for class 10.
  • The book is a question bank of previous years board exam question papers with solution as per marking scheme.
  • Simplified division of chapters into topics for better understanding.
  • Last Minute Revision & Quick chapter summary of each topic has been given.


2020 Board Examination Paper (Solved)History

1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
2. Nationalism in India
3. The Making of a Global World
4. The Age of Industrialisation
5. Print Culture and the Modern World

1. Resources and Development
2. Water Resources (Except MAP items which will be assessed in the examination)
3. Agriculture
4. Minerals and Energy Resources (Except MAP items which will be assessed in the examination)
5. Manufacturing Industries
6. Lifelines of National Economy

Political Science
1. Power Sharing2. Federalism
3. Democracy and Diversity
4. Gender, Religion and Caste
5. Political Parties
6. Outcomes of Democracy
7. Challenges to Democracy


1. Development
2. Sectors of the Indian Economy
3. Money and Credit
4. Globalisation and the Indian Economy
5. Consumer Rights

  • Map Work
  • Objective Corner
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