CBSE Class 12 Economics text book

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Sahitya Bhawan Economics textbook for class 12 as per syllabus and changed paper pattern for CBSE 2021-22 board exam. Useful for Term 1 & 2.

  • Sahitya Bhawan Complete Study class 12 Economics a topic wise textbook as per reduced syllabus and changed paper pattern.
  • Each chapter has been divided into topics for easy understanding.
  • The book contains Complete Theory in which subject matter is explained in detail, with easy to learn definitions and formulae.
  • Chapter summary is given for quick recap.
  • A best guide and reference book for full marks.
  • Complete Question and answer with step wise solution of all important questions, solution of previous years board exam questions.
  • It also includes HOTS, NCERT and exemplar questions. Complete Self-Assessment has questions for practice & self-evaluation


Part-A :

Introductory Macroeconomics

1. National Income and Related Aggregates
2. Money and Banking
3. Determination of Income and Employment
4. Government Budget and the Economy
5. Balance of Payments

Part-B :

Indian Economics Development
1. Indian Economy and Economic Systems
2. Indian Economy (1950-90) and different changes
3. Economic Reforms since 1991
4. Poverty
5. Human Capital Formation in India
6. Rurel Development in India
7. Employment and Unemployment in India
8. Inflation in India
9. Infrastructure in India
10. Environment and Sustainable Development
11. Comparative Development Experience of India and Its Neighbours.

  • CBSE Examination Paper 2019
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