• Product Features Each book is divided into Units.
  • Includes interesting facts.
  • The series aims to nurture curious minds by exposing them to extra polatory tasks.
  • Contains test papers.
  • Includes latest updates from around the globe.
  • Fact sections provide additional information on a particular topic.
  • Brain teasers, quizzes and reasoning activities will hone the analytical and logical skills of learners.
  • The special section on Life Skills will stimulate the thinking, social and emotional skills of the learners.
  • The series aims at the holistic development of the learner in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.
  • This is the Knowledge Era an age where the average individual stands nowhere.
  • While expertise in subject knowledge is a must, general knowledge is what takes the competition to new realms.
  • All competitive examinations, group discussions, interviews revolve around the mental aptitude, general knowledge and personality development of the person.
  • Keeping this in mind, we at Sahitya Bhawan, have sharpened our series with a rigorous three-thronged approach aiming to take the mental aptitude, general knowledge and personality of the child to great heights.
  • Special care has been taken to enhance knowledge of core EVS and Science concepts being done in class curriculum.
  • Mental aptitude has been taken care of by including puzzles, riddles, number activities and brainteasers in a fun and interesting manner.
  • Special sections on Ever Wondered Why, Mixed Bag and Knowledge Bank have been introduced.
  • Test Your Knowledge are challenges for the child to test whatever he or she has learnt.
  • Preschool, Kindergarten, Nursery LKG (KG 1), UKG (KG 2) and for children 3-8 year old series includes Hindi Alphabets (Varnmala Akshar and Vyanjan), Hindi 2/3/4 lettered Word (Shabd) formation, Hindi listening, writing and speaking (Swar), English Alphabets, Phonics, Number writing 1-20, Number writing 1-50, Number writing 1-100, Multiplication Table book, Pattern writing, Capital and Small letter, Drawing and colouring, Craft, Hindi Rhymes (Bal Geet), English Rhymes and Activity based Workbooks.
  • Primary, Middle and Senior class 1 to 12 series includes Hindi Literature, Hindi Grammar, Mathematics, Mental Math, EVS, Science, Computer, Value Education, General Knowledge (GK), English Handwriting, Hindi Handwriting and Drawing.
  • Based on NCERT for CBSE and state boards as per curriculum and exam paper pattern.
  • Combo Pack and Gift set also available on discount.
  • Watch video for features, benefits and advantages of the book.



1. Extinct Animals
2. Some Unfamiliar Flora
3. Garden Glory
4. The Arachnids-some dreadful spiders
5. Wild Life
6. Endangered Asian Mammals
7. The World of Dinosaurs Unit-II
8. The great Women Honours of India
9. India-The Record Holders
10. The Great Martyrs of India
11. What My India has given to the World
12. The Dams in India
13. Indian Artists of the 20th Century
14. Theme Parks
15. Knowledge Bank-I
16. Mixed Bag-I
17. Ever Wondered Why-I
18. Personality Development Unit-III
19. The Prime Ministers Gallery
20. Women Pioneers of the World
21. Famous Explorers
22. Peaks of the World
23. The Famous Monuments of the World
24. Nicknames of the Countries of the World
25. Fashion Around the World Unit-IV
26. Biological Weapons
27. Diseases in Plants
28. Marvellous Inventions
29. Pathogens
30. Human Body
31. The Marvellous Fantabulous Minds of the World
32. Our Nervous System
33. Knowledge Bank-II
34. Ever Wondered Why-II
35. Mixed bag-II
36. Angry Kya
37. Experiment-I Test Your Knowledge-I Unit-V
39. Indian Premier League
40. Exotic Sports
41. Sports of Special Interest
43. Sports Supremes
42. Legends of Bollywood
44. Filmi Sports Unit-VI
45. The Immortal Art and Painting
46. General Awareness
47. Musical Geniuses of the World
48. Musical Types
49. Dance Mania
50. The Dancers of India
51. Knowledge Bank-III
52. Ever Wondered Why-III
53. Quiz-I
54. Your Hobby
55. English Literature : Amazing Facts Unit-VII
56. Environmental Conservation
57. Architectural Wonders Around the World
58. Test Your Mental Ability
59. Conservative Activists
60. Renowned Authors
61. Precious Stones
62. Disasters Unit-VIII
63. Travelogues
64. The Bollywood Entertainers Honoured
65. Lungs of Our Planet (The Reigning rain forests)
66. Hungry Kya
67. Geographical Extremes of India
68. Treasure of Beauty
69. Knowledge Bank – IV
70. Ever Wondered Why – IV
71. Choosing a Career
72. Quiz-II
73. Experiment-II Test Your Knowledge-II Answers sheets

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