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Sahitya Bhawan Class 12 Nagrikshastra (Civics) eBook based on NCERT for UP Board


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UP board Nagrikshastra class 12 eBook based on NCERT, useful for other state boards and CBSE | Helpful for Competitive Exams Preparation

  • Sahitya Bhawan Class 12 Nagrikshastra (Civics, Political Science) book is based on NCERT for UP Board, other state boards, CBSE and Competitive Exams Preparation.
  • The book is divided into two parts.
  • Part one is about Samkalin Vishva Rajniti (Contemporary World Politics).
  • Part two focus on Swatantra Bharat mein Rajniti (Politics in Independant India).
  • Text matter is up-to-date. Questions in the book are as per the latest board exam paper pattern.
  • Multiple choice questions mcqs, very short, short and long type questions are given at the end of the chapter.
  • NCERT book and Exemplar questions haven included in the book. English has been provided for important terns or topics.
  • The book is helpful in securing high marks in exams
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