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Sahitya Bhawan UP Board Class 10 Commerce eBook


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UP board Commerce class 10 eBook as per the latest syllabus and changed paper pattern | Useful for Competitive Exams Preparation

  • Sahitya Bhawan UP board textbook class 10 commerce book purpose is to prepare the student with an in depth knowledge of the subject.
  • The book has been prepared in easy and lucid language.
  • The book will help in revision of the subject.
  • The subject matter is presented in concise and precise manner.
  • This book has answer of all in-text questions and questions given at the end of the chapter of ncert book.


1. Final Accounts
2. Final Accounts with Adjustments
3. Bank Reconciliation Statement
4. Cheques, Bills, Hundies and Promissory Notes
5. Filing and Indexing
6. Communication Systems
7. Time and Labour Saving Appliances in Business Office
8. Internal Trade or Home Trade
9. Wholesale Trade
10. Retail Trade
11. Invoice, Account Sale and Statement of Account
12. Bank : Origin, Definition, Functions and Importance
13. Reserve Bank of India
14. State Bank of India
15. Commercial Banks
16. Co-operative Banks
17. Indigenous Bankers
18. Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
19. Spending and Saving
20. Factors of Production (Meaning Characteristics and Importance)


1. Proforma of Trading Account Based on Imaginary Data
2. Description of Various Adjustment Entries and Preparing Final Accounts
3. When and why is prepared a Bank Reconciliation Statement?
4. Cheque and Crossing of Cheque
5. System of Filing
6. Card Indexing
7. Dishonour of a Cheque
8. Means of Rapid Communication
9. Time and Labour Saving Devices
10. Classification of Retail Trade
11. Origin and Development of Bank
12. Reserve Bank of India
13. The State Bank of India
14. Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
15. Factors of Production

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