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CBSE Class 9 Science text book


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Sahitya Bhawan Science textbook for class 9 as per syllabus and changed paper pattern for CBSE 2021-22 board exam. Useful for Term 1 & 2.

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  • Sahitya Bhawan Complete Study class 9 Science is a topic wise textbook as per reduced syllabus and changed paper pattern.
  • Each chapter has been divided into topics for easy understanding.
  • The book contains Complete Theory in which subject matter is explained in detail, with easy to learn definitions and formulae.
  • Chapter summary is given for quick recap.
  • A best guide and reference book for full marks.
  • Complete Question and answer with step wise solution of all important questions, solution of previous years board exam questions. It also includes HOTS, NCERT and exemplar questions.
  • Complete Self-Assessment has questions for practice & self-evaluation

1. Matter in our Surroundings [Definition of matter; solid, liquid and gas; characteristics-shape, volume, density; change of
state-melting (absorption of heat), freezing, evaporation (cooling by evaporation), condensation, sublimation.]
2. Is Matter around us Pure ?
3. Atoms and Molecules
4. Structure of atom
5. The Fundamental Unit of Life : Cell
6. Tissues
7. Diversity in Living Organisms [Diversity of plants and animals-basic issues in scientific naming, basis of classification. Hierarchy of categories / groups, Major groups of plants (salient features) (Bacteria, Thallophyta, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms). Major groups of animals (salient features) (Non-chordates upto phyla and chordates upto classes).]
8. Health and Diseases
9. Motion
10. Force and Laws of Motion
11. Gravitation
12. Flotation [Floatation : Thrust and Pressure. Archimedes’ Principle; Buoyancy; Elementary idea of Relative Density.]
13. Work and Energy
14. Sound [Sound : Nature of sound and its propagation in various media, speed of sound, range of hearing in humans; ultrasound; reflection of sound; echo and SONAR. Structure of the Human Ear (Auditory aspect only).]
15. Natural Resources
16. Improvement in Food Resources [Plant and animal breeding and selection for quality improvement and management; Use of fertilizers and manures; Protection from pests and diseases; Organic farming.]


Edition 2021
Class 9
Subject Science
Board CBSE
Binding Paperback
Pages 256
Language English
Country India
Series Title Complete Study
ISBN13 9789353393304
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