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Pre Primary English Phonetic book B


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Pre Primary English Phonetic book

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  • The Pre-Primer book is meant to introduce the alphabets phonetically to the beginners of the language.
  • A conscious effort has been made to let the child know how these sounds appear at the beginning, middle and end of the word.
  • We have also tried to introduce how the same consonant word can have different sounds.
  • A wide range of words have been introduced, keeping in mind that the child’s age of 5.
  • The child may not know the meanings of the words, however, at this point of time, that is not as important as the sound of the letter and a vast repertoire of vocabulary.
  • Preschool, Kindergarten, Nursery LKG (KG 1), UKG (KG 2) and for children 3-8 year old series includes Hindi Alphabets (Varnmala Akshar and Vyanjan), Hindi 2/3/4 lettered Word (Shabd) formation, Hindi listening, writing and speaking (Swar), English Alphabets, Phonics, Number writing 1-20, Number writing 1-50, Number writing 1-100, Multiplication Table book, Pattern writing, Capital and Small letter, Drawing and colouring, Craft, Hindi Rhymes (Bal Geet), English Rhymes and Activity based Workbooks.
  • Primary, Middle and Senior class 1 to 12 series includes Hindi Literature, Hindi Grammar, Mathematics, Mental Math, EVS, Science, Computer, Value Education, General Knowledge (GK), English Handwriting, Hindi Handwriting and Drawing.
  • Based on NCERT for CBSE and state boards as per curriculum and exam paper pattern.
  • Combo Pack and Gift set also available on discount.
  • Watch video for features, benefits and advantages of the book.


1. Vowels
2. Vowel Sounds
3. Vowels (Short and Long)
4. Sounds (oy and oi)
5. Consonant Blends
6. Hard and Soft Sounds (c and g )
7. Sounds of ‘sh’ & ‘ch’ Words
8. Words with ‘r’ Sounds
9. Sounds of ‘le’
10. Consonant Blends
11. ‘A’
12. ‘An’
13. ‘The’
14. This and That
Worksheet 2
15. This and These
Worksheet 3
16. That and Those
Worksheet 4
17. Is and Are
Worksheet 5
18. Is and Am
Worksheet 6
19. Has and Have
Worksheet 7
20. I, My and Me
Worksheet 8
21. He, His and She, Her
Worksheet 9
22. You and Your
Worksheet 10
23. What and Who
Worksheet 11
24. When and Where
Worksheet 12
25. And
Worksheet 13
26. In, On and Under
Worksheet 14
27. Use of ‘Which’
28. One and Many
29. Yes and No
Worksheet 15
30. Opposites
31. Action Words
32. Conversation Time
Worksheet 16
Worksheet 17


Edition 2021
Class UKG
Subject English Phonetic
Authorl Gowri Ramchandran
Binding Paperback
Pages 56
Language English
Country India
Titles series Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyotia Sahitya
Isbn 9789353399207
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