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Value Education textbook for class 3


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Value Education textbook class 3

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  • Based on the latest CBSE Values Education Kit In today’s fast-evolving world, where ethics and values are rapidly eroding, this series inculcates value education with a difference.
  • The series is based on the guidelines listed in the Values Education Kit Section of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005. The books motivate children to make the right choices by the use of simple stories, real life incidents, fables and parables.
  • The series helps children to discover themselves and thereby build confidence and courage in them.
  • The beautifully-illustrated books and the interactive approach helps the learner imbibe human values like tolerance, honesty, respect, compassion, punctuality etc.
  • Activity based approach focuses upon learning values by doing rather than preaching.
  • ‘Think and Answer’ section focuses upon comprehension with values taught.
  • ‘Tick the correct statement’ is a section that encourages the child to differentiate the right from the wrong.
  • ‘Words of Wisdom’ draws upon a repository of famous quotes that limn the same value as discussed in the chapter.
  • ‘Home Tasks’ recap and reinforce the value as an application based task.
  • ‘Group activities’ and ‘further reading’ sections serve to break the monotony and increase the level of motivation in the class. Preschool, Kindergarten, Nursery LKG (KG 1), UKG (KG 2) and for children 3-8 year old series includes Hindi Alphabets (Varnmala Akshar and Vyanjan), Hindi 2/3/4 lettered Word (Shabd) formation, Hindi listening, writing and speaking (Swar), English Alphabets, Phonics, Number writing 1-20, Number writing 1-50, Number writing 1-100, Multiplication Table book, Pattern writing, Capital and Small letter, Drawing and colouring, Craft, Hindi Rhymes (Bal Geet), English Rhymes and Activity based Workbooks.
  • Primary, Middle and Senior class 1 to 12 series includes Hindi Literature, Hindi Grammar, Mathematics, Mental Math, EVS, Science, Computer, Value Education, General Knowledge (GK), English Handwriting, Hindi Handwriting and Drawing.
  • Based on NCERT for CBSE and state boards as per curriculum and exam paper pattern.
  • Combo Pack and Gift set also available on discount.
  • Watch video for features, benefits and advantages of the book.


1. Being With God
2. Let’s Be Friends
3. Doing Things Together
4. Hard Work
5. The Joy Of Learning
6. Controlling Anger
7. Co-operation
8. Tidiness
9. Look After Yourself
10. Being Kind To Animals
11. Sharing
12. Care For All
13. Self Help
14. Honesty


Edition 2021
Class 3
Subject Value Education
Author Deepa Bhandari
Binding Paperback
Pages 56
Language English
Country India
Titles series Sahitya Bhawan | Pratiyotia Sahitya
Isbn 9789353398651
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