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Sahitya Bhawan UP Board Class 9 Commerce book


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UP board Commerce class 9 book as per the latest syllabus and changed paper pattern | Useful for Competitive Exams Preparation

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  • Sahitya Bhawan UP board textbook class 9 commerce book purpose is to prepare the student with an in depth knowledge of the subject. The book has been prepared in easy and lucid language.
  • The book will help in revision of the subject.
  • The subject matter is presented in concise and precise manner.
  • This book has answer of all in-text questions and questions given at the end of the chapter of ncert book.

1. Introduction
2. Double Entry System (Elementary Principles and Practice)
3. Journal
4. Ledger
5. Trial Balance
6. Book of Original Entry : Cash Book
7. Other Books of Primary Records (Purchases Book, Sales Book, Purchases Returns Book, Sales Returns Book, Bills Receivable Book, Bills Payable Book and Journal Proper)
8. Indian System of Accounts
9. Business Office (Organisation and Routine)
10. Record of Inward and Outward Correspondence
11. Copying
12. Meaning and Importance of Business Correspondence
13. Constituents of A Business Letter
14. Correspondence Regarding Enquiries and Orders
15. History of Money (Barter System and Evolution of Money)
16. Definition, Functions and Importance of Money
17. Classification of Money
18. Indian Monetary System : General Introduction
19. Meaning and Definition of Economics
20. Scope of Economics
21. Advantages or Importance of Economics
22. Terminology Related to Economics
23. Wants : Meaning, Characteristics and Classifications
1. Book-keeping and Accountancy
2. Double Entry System-Introduction/Principles
3. Meaning of Journal and Rules of Accountancy
4. Methods of Preparing Trial Balance
5. Indian Book-Keeping System : Kachhi Rokad Bahi (Daily Cash Book)
6. Indian Book-keeping (Account) System : Pakki Rokad Bahi
7. Credit Purchases Book and Credit Sales Book (Jama Nakal Bahi and Nam Nakal Bahi)
8. Work of Business Office
9. Methods of Copying
10. Parts of Business Letters
11. Evolution and Growth of Money
12. Functions of Money
13. General Inroduction of Indian Monetary System
14. Departments of Economics
15. Advantages of the Study of Economics to Different Sections


Edition 2021
Class 9
Subject Commerce
Board UP Board
Author S. M. Shukla
Binding Paperback
Pages 344
Language English
Country India
Series Title Sahitya Bhawan
ISBN 9789391009298
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