• Sahitya Bhawan Complete Adhdhyan Class 12 English is a new concept, Topic wise Textbook based on NCERT for UP Board as per latest syllabus and changed paper pattern.
  • It is also helpful for other state boards, CBSE and Competitive Exams Preparation.This book “Complete Adhyayan” is a complete learning solution for the students.
  • Textbook ‘FLAMINGO’ and ‘VISTAS’ are presented as prose and supplementary books.
  • “Complete Adhyayan” is more effective and result-oriented textbook because it contains various benefits and salient features as follows Text-wise Hindi translation for better understanding Summary of the lesson has been given in both English and Hindi language Glossary for easy grasp over words both in Hindi and English language Character Sketch of all the characters have been given as per the chapter Complete solution of NCERT textbook exercises Additional variety of MCQs, short and long questions are given for capturing every corner of the chapter. In total, Complete Adhyayan will prove to be a mentor for the disciples of standard twelfth.Complete Adhdhyan series includes books for Hindi, Samanya Hindi, English, Vigyan, Science, Ganit, Mathematics, Samajik Vigyan, Science for class 9, 10, 11, 12



1. A Girl With A Basket
2. A Fellow-Traveller
* 3. The Secret of Health, Success and Power
4. The Home Coming
* 5. I am John’s Heart
6. Women’s Education
7. The Heritage of India


* 1. The Merchant of Venice
1. The Gold Watch
2. An Astrologer’s Day
3. The Lost Child 143
* 4. A Special Experience


  • Introduction

1. Character of A Happy Life
2. The True Beauty
3. On His Blindness
* 4. From `An Elegy Written in A Country Churchyard
5. A Lament
* 6. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
7. From `The Passing of Arthur’
8. My Heaven
* 9. Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening
10. The Song of The Free
l Figures of Speech


1. Direct and Indirect Narration
2. Synthesis of Sentences
3. Transformation of Sentences
4. Syntax
5. Idioms and Phrases
6. Vocabulary


1. Forms of Verbs
2. Present Tense
3. Past Tense
4. Future Tense
5. Imperative, Exclamatory and Optative Sentences
6. The Sequence of Tense
7. Use of Some Special Words
8. Preposition
9. Degree of Comparison
10. Articles
11. Causative Verbs
12. Modal Auxiliaries
13. Active and Passive Voice
14. Non-Finites
15. Agreement of Verb wit hthe Subject
16. Forms of Verbs
17. Compound (Double) Sentence
18. Direct and Indirect Speech
19. Passage for English Translation
20. Passage for Hindi Translation

  • Essay Writing
  • Unseen Passages
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